Frosted Glass

Frosted Glass is a short film collaboration from Causare and DAC-6328 Productions.

Directed by: J.D. Karlowich and produced by Michael Lepore.

Screenplay by: J.D. Karlowich

Starring: Dustin Teuber (Dillon Currant), Kris Salvi (J.F.), Ryan Oldeman (Black Suit), Jayson Robert Ducharme (White Suit), Justin Oldeman (A Belligerent Lamp), and Robert A. Karlowich as The Chairman.

Frosted Glass is a short film about a struggling method actor, Dillon Currant, as he tries to remedy his issues with Irish Whiskey and a double dose of medication. Always a good mix. Various hallucinations soon join the party, encouraging Dillon to drink more, verbally abusing him, and cryptically narrating his thoughts and experiences.

Frosted Glass is a rather absurd little film. There's a swearing lamp, aptly named 'A Belligerent Lamp', a mysterious Irishman, and smooth narrator in a black suit. It's all a rather bizarre experience but is also quite entertaining at times. There's something about a sudden exclamation of 'FUCK' out of nowhere that will always make me laugh.

The music is sometimes a little too loud and occasionally drowns out the rest of the audio. Even with no music, the dialogue can still be hard to hear at times, and the film could have benefitted from some better mic positioning or perhaps a boost in volume for the actors. That being said, the choice of music is rather brilliant. Especially during a sequence at the end of the film where the camera slowly withdraws from a frosted glass of whiskey in the freezer and shows us the aftermath of Dillon's whiskey binge. It's a fantastic little scene.

Frosted Glass has some sparks of something greater there, and it's definitely worth a watch. I'm interested to see what else these guys put out, especially if they continue down the path of dark and twisted comedy.

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