White Gold (Season 1)

Creator: Damon Beesley Writer: Ed Westwick, James Buckley, Joe Thomas, Linzey Cocker, Nigel Lindsay, Lauren O'Rourke

Cert: 18

"Excluding the literal sense, there are three types of wankers in this world..."

And so begins our tour through the surprisingly brutal world of a 70s Essex based independent business. From the creators of the wildly successfulThe Inbetweeners, comes White Gold a crisp and playful comedy which follows Vincent Swan as he rises to the top of a lucrative business empire...at a double-glazed window firm. White Gold plays like a gritty cutthroat gangster drama, and possesses the same composure as some of the best British crime capers. In fact, White Gold better embodies the feeling of 70s organised crime than some recent feature length gangster films, all within the context of a pokey double glazing firm.

. It captures the crude, juvenile humour of The Inbetweeners but transplants it from the classroom to the workplace, in much the same that The Inbetweeners' first wave of fans have made that same transition. It's more sophisticated and certainly more ambitious; the whole show feels sharp and neat, from its dynamic camera work to its abrasive but engineered use of foul language, employing the ever-popular style of scathing British humour, in which every remark is meant to sting its recipient.It is a mischievous and stylish six episode comedy

Every member of its small cast are fantastic, but the star of this show is undeniably our fourth-wall breaking guide, Ed Westwick; confidence and charm flows from him like water, his Vincent Swan being utterly magnetic on screen. This foul-mouthed window salesman bullets through each episode, while everything and everyone else is forced to catch up. Buckley and Thomas initially feel cut-and-paste from The Inbetweeners but soon settle into their roles. They carry forward the same wonderful pitifulness which made their Jay and Simon so hilarious to watch, and still appear to thoroughly enjoy their place within this sub-genre of British comedy. Nigel Lindsay's role is comparatively small, but his shouty Tony Walsh has some of the shows most superbly delivered swears, while Linzey Cocker provides some sensibility as Sam Swan, Vincent's frustratingly trusting wife. It is a cast who are obviously relishing every moment, and each have an expert command of both comedic timing and delivery.

White Gold is a hilarious story of small-time criminality told with a sardonic brand of humour with which its creators continue to push boundaries. It comes with decades of style, a dynamic and playful vibe and a skilled cast. You'd be a fool to give this show a miss.

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