First thoughts from the Venom (2018) trailer

Tom Hardy is due to join the growing MCU family later this year, as he takes on the role of Eddie Brock and his alter ego Venom in the upcoming movie of the same name. It will be Venom's second live-action interpretation, the character debuting more than a decade ago in Spiderman 3 (2007), with Topher Grace then taking on the symbiotic mantle. His presence in that film was, however, limited at best, half-hearted at worst - probably due to the film's major over-saturation of villains - and took Venom's influence on Peter Parker in a very odd direction (one which I'm sure we'd all like to forget). This time, however, in a landscape littered with superheroes, Venom sits centre stage in all his villainous glory.

This newest incarnation will also benefit from more than a decade's worth of advancements in special effects. Venom is a such visually complex and exciting character, and the torturously brief glimpse we have of him in the final moments of the latest trailer teases a character which has been superbly designed and brought to life, a glimpse that will have viewers chomping at the bit to see Venom kicking ass on the big screen. Combine this with his gravelly baritone voice and you have one seriously intimidating anti-hero.

The trailer suggests a wonderfully gritty and sinister approach to Venom, teasing themes of corporate greed and human experimentation - taking a detour from the relatively light-hearted approach to the wider MCU. This seems like a wise approach. It will mirror the fearsome nature of the character and provide an unsettling backdrop for Brock and Venom's synthesis, while also (hopefully) justifying some of Venom's more morally skew-whiff combative tactics, those unlikely to be found in Captain America's repertoire.

This more intricate look at the character will certainly be a challenge, both to direct and to portray. It also hints at a thorough exploration of Venom's relationship with a human host, with some of the film perhaps focusing on the turmoil Brock experiences with his new symbiotic roommate, as he battles against Venom's disturbing influence. This hints towards Hardy taking on two dissimilar roles, as he plays Eddie Brock as well as Venom (as opposed to 'an unhinged Eddie Brock in a Venom suit' - something more akin to the Spider-Man 3 interpretation). Given his stellar track record though, I feel quietly confident that Tom Hardy is without a doubt to bring this relationship to life.

First thoughts: Looking forward to seeing Venom being let off the leash!

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