OOOE's Charity Movie Marathon: MCU Phase 3


We're finally at Phase 3! It's been about 24 hours since we started this thing. Remember, this is all in support of the NSPCC, which you can donate to via!

Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Time: 12:03pm

Films in: 13

Doctor Strange (2016)

Time: 14:19pm

Films in: 14

Ollie: Doctor Strange's introduction again takes us away from the main narrative, perhaps more so than Ant-Man previously had (given that Falcon made a brief cameo). It follows a more typical 'origin story' template, which may frustrate some fans who are more familiar with the character, but the film does a decent job of bringing everyone up to speed with the spiritual and existential aspect which forms Doctor Strange's story, and puts him into context with the rest of the wider MCU. Its certainly a film that needs to be afforded some attention, incorporating some confusing concepts and some stunning but bizarre visual effects.

Villain assessment: Doctor Strange's villain is kept very simply, presumably to keep most of the focus on this new character. Dormammu is a typical existential floating head type villain, whose only discernible attribute is his evil nature - which is a major oversimplification of more interesting comic book character. His powers and form do allow for Doctor Strange's abilities (and particularly, the abilities of the Time Stone), which again gets us up to speed with Doctor Strange as a character. Otherwise, there is little more to say about Dormammu other than his visual representation in the film is interesting and enjoyable.

Villain Rating: 3/10

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Guardians of the Galaxy. Vol 2 (2017)

Time: 16:20pm

Films in: 15

Ollie: Vol.2 of Guardians of the Galaxy continues to prove that his particular branch of the MCU is one of its most lighthearted and fun. Once again, GotG demonstrates some incredible imagination and exceptional direction.

Spiderman: Homecoming (2017)

Time: 18:16pm

Films in: 16

Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

Time: 20: 31pm

Films in: 17

Ollie: Might this be the strongest of all 19 films? It's certainly up there, being one of the most vibrant, interesting and funniest of all MCU films. The contrast between Ragnarok and the previous Thor instalment, The Dark World, is simply shocking. This is arguably down to Taika Waititi's inspired direction, which removes a lot of the things we are now familiar with (transportation from one realm to another, for example), freeing up time for far more interesting things, such as Thor's introduction to Dr Strange. It occasionally feels rushed, Hela's arrival taking place suspiciously soon after her named is first mentioned, but for the most part it is a well weighted and exciting piece of film. Or course, its hilarity is perhaps its strongest element, a special brand of humour which is best personified by Waititi's brilliant cameo as Korg.

Villain Assessment: Since Loki, the MCU has struggled to generate an interesting villain for Thor. Hela is similarly 2 dimension as Malekith from The Dark World, but luckily she is provided with far more interesting dialogue and a relationship to the main cast which allows for some more meaningful exchanges. Plus, her awesome power gives her a real sense of menace and lets our heroes engage in some truly incredible and imaginative fight sequences, which is great to see after her relatively boring dispatch an Asgardian faceless army.

Villain rating: 5/10

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Black Panther (2018)

Time: 22:52pm

Films in: 18

Infinity War (2018)

Time: 00:57 pm

Films in: 19


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